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 Convert the camera of the Android phone and iPhone into a webcam for the computer

There are a lot of members and followers of Genius Informatics channels and websites who submitted a request to review and explain the method and how to convert the Android phone camera into a computer camera, but most of the methods do not work properly, and for this we decided to share with you today in a simple way how to activate the feature of turning on the mobile camera on the computer and converting a camera The mobile phone is a webcam that enables you to use the phone's camera on the computer and you can use it on all social networking sites such as Skype, Messenger, Yahoo and Imo And other communication sites and programs on which the chat system works, and you can also use the mobile camera on the computer in the live broadcast, and you can also use the phone camera on the computer in video recording, and for that, the tool used in explaining today, we tried it ourselves and it succeeded without any problem.

And the best program we have tried is the DroidCam program, which is a completely free program for Windows operating systems, and it is also available as an application for Android and iPhone operating system phones. Professional computer microphone.

To run the DroidCam program and operate the mobile camera on the computer, we need some procedures

Installing some tools on the PC

Install some tools on your personal phone

Watch the practical demonstration video

Download the computer tool

Download the phone tool

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