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Increase c disk space / increase c partition space

C drive space is full is a big problem that many computer and laptop users face

Therefore, we decided to share with you today's lesson, and we will talk in today's lesson about how to increase the C disk space without formatting or losing the Windows installed on it in a simple and completely professional way by the best free program to partition the hard disk without losing the data on it.

The program also enables you to perform many tasks, the most important of which is re-partitioning the hard disk of the computer or laptop, and this matter is represented in many tasks that we need greatly, such as transferring space from any disk in the computer to another disk, reducing disk space and creating new disks, solving C drive full problem. 

About the Macrorit program

Macrorit Partition Expert Free Edition

 It is a powerful free partition software that allows you to extend, create, format partition, fix low disk space issue and easily manage disk space on MBR and GPT (GUID Partition Table) disk. This free disk management tool is designed for home users which supports 32/64 bit Windows including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 and the latest Windows 10

Besides basic disk partition capability, it is also the only free disk partition management software that has advanced power failure protection and disaster recovery technology, which plays like a partition recovery wizard and that also means that you will never worry about data loss anymore while performing .

In today's lesson, we will learn how to increase the C disk space without losing Windows and the files on the computer's hard disk, through a practical experiment to provide the space for the C partition with video.

Watch the practical demonstration video

Download Macrorit from Media fire

Download Macrorit from Mega

Download Macrorit from the official website of the program

Download wrar to compress and decompress files from Mediafire

Download wrar to compress and decompress files from Mega 

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