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The method of transferring files from the mobile phone to the computer or from the computer to the phone without wires or programs permanently by means of the file transfer protocol via the local network FTP that is installed on your phone and then adjust the required settings after that you can connect your phone to the personal computer without the need for a USB cable and without the need to transfer files via bluetooth. And also without the need to install SHARE programs and other useless programs that are full of annoying ads, with which we always face heavy and difficult use and very slow while transferring files with the FTP file transfer protocol, you will get rid of all these annoying problems, the file transfer process is not done by a network Your router without using the Internet at all, the transfer process takes place by transferring data from one device to another using the file transfer protocol available in your local network.

Turn your Android phone and PC into an FTP server with this free app to host your own FTP server on your phone and PC. Use an FTP server to transfer files, photos, movies, songs, etc. with an FTP client such as FileZilla.

The most important features of the WiFi FTP Server tool

★ Full FTP server with configurable port number

★ Supports FTP over TLS/SSL (FTPS)

★ Configurable anonymous access

★ Configurable home folder (mount point)

★ Configurable username/password

★ Avoid using USB cables to transfer files and copy/copy files over Wifi

★ Works via Wifi tethering mode and Wifi (hotspot mode)

Steps to use the WiFi FTP Server tool

1. Connect to WiFi and open the app.

2. Click the start button.

3. Enter the server URL in your FTP client or Windows Explorer and transfer the files.

★ On Android 5.0 and above, to access the external SD card, in the app settings, tap the download folder, select "Custom" and then select the external SD card on the next screen.

★ The port number must be greater than 1024 because binding to ports like 21 will not be possible on non-rooted phones. The default port number is configured to 2221 and can be changed from the settings screen. For security reasons, anonymous access is not enabled by default. It can be enabled from the settings screen.

Practical explanation video for using the tool

And how to connect the phone to the computer without USB or software

We recommend that you watch the explanation video before use

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